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Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference In The News...


Conference Director Bradley Cole speaks to Manoto TV on what to expect to see at the conference (see approx. 4 mins in).

Please see below for the scripted introduction translated:

London will be hosting the international conference of Iran Post Sanction this week. The main aim of this two day conference is to discuss the business opportunities in Iranian market, once sanctions are removed. There are a number of experts, Iranian business owners, and international investors attending this conference. 



Industrial Minerals, 16 December, 2015: Iran is a complicated opportunity for mining, business experts warn

Reuters, 18 December, 2015Asian banks seen taking pole position in post-sanctions Iran

Interfax Energy, 23 December, 2015: Iran's power sector offers challenging pickings

Manoto TV, December 2015 Video: Includes interviews with Charles Robertson, Michael Tockuss, Nigel Kushner and Dr Mamdouh Salameh

First To Deliver Operational And Strategic Know-How To Break Into Iran

Post-Event Report

Boasting a population of 80 million, a healthy demographic make-up, low debt and vast potential of revenue - Iran is one of the most lucrative emerging markets in recent decades.

But an emerging market is always fraught with complexity and ambiguity. And for Iran, these challenges are unique and there are key questions for tapping the vast amount of Iranian commercial endeavours:

Real Business Opportunities: What are the real opportunities in Iran for multinational companies?

Market Challenges: How will the sanctions affect business in Iran for the foreseeable future? What are the demand trends in Iran and what are the key sectors?

Harmonizing Western and Iranian Business Culture: How do you conduct business at enterprise and personnel-levels?

Capital Movement and Payments: What are the logistical challenges of working with Iranian banks and moving capital out of the country?


The first and only industry-led business conference looking at how to operate in Iran after the adoption of the Nuclear Agreement, the Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference, taking place in London on 16th-17th December has been tactically designed after meticulous first-hand conversations with European businesses wanting to become fully operative in Iran after sanctions are lifted in Q1 2016.


The Premier Networking Platform For Doing Business In Iran: As the first networking platform since the Adoption of the Nuclear Agreement, this is the best networking opportunity for multinational companies venturing into Iran

Identify Key Business Sectors And Demand For Projects: Determine what business sectors are key and what development projects are being prioritised by Iranian authorities

Learn How To Effectively Operate In Iran As A Business: Clarify how to move capital and comply with Iranian Trade Law

Mitigate Business Risk: Understand what the main security, political and financial risks can impact the return of your business operations in Iran and learn how to reduce them

Improve And Enhance Decision-Making: The content of every session is tailored towards the industry-specific needs to breathe confidence in preparation for breaking into the Iranian market

Bridge The Cultural Gap: Understand how to approach and behave with potential business partners and clients in Iran to nurture crucial strategic relationships for your company

Meet The European Iranian Business Alliance: Network and learn from representatives from UKTI (UK), German Iranian Chamber of Commerce Association (Germany), British Iranian Chamber of Commerce (UK) and Cercle Iran Economie (France), who will for the first time speaking at the same forum


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